Server: DerpWorld

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Server: DerpWorld

Post by Manticor on Wed Jan 29, 2014 6:38 pm

DerpWorld is an online public server that is hosted on my Mac. If our main public server CLISHCRAFT is down for a long period of time, DerpWorld is a place for players from CLISHCRAFT to go. The server will not be online, I will only turn it online when CLISHCRAFT is offline (for a long period of time). Although there are rules on DerpWorld, they will be lazily reinforced. DerpWorld is supposed to be a crappy server, but if an admin or mod is online they will try their best to stop rule-breakers.

Server IP:

Port: 15152

1. No greifing
2. No stealing
3. Do not cuss in the chat
4. Be kind and cooperate with others
5. No PvP
6. Respect Admins, Moderators, and VIPs
7. Do not place or greif anything at spawn
8. Do not hack, cheat, or duplicate
9. Do not ask to be a moderator or admin
10. Do not spam the chat
11. Do not use /op
12. Do not cut trees at the bottom
13. Do not ask everyone to sleep or meditate

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Re: Server: DerpWorld

Post by iDonut on Sat Feb 01, 2014 7:56 pm

Okeeeeeee dokey

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