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Ore tiers

Post by a17njl01 on Sat Dec 14, 2013 9:10 pm

So, now in today's topic, I will be going over the ore tiers. This list goes in order of rarity.

Obsidian(can only be created)

Copper ore is your most basic ore, and is very common almost everywhere in the world. This material is used to make Copper tools, armor, and as well as some ascetic items. Iron is next up, and can sometimes be found on the surface, but is fairly uncommon. Iron is used to make Iron tools, armor, anvils, and other ascetic items, such as a bathtub, toilet, and trashcan. Silver is next, and is rare on the surface, but more common the deeper you go. Silver is used to make just armor and tools, and are much better than Iron or Copper. Gold is next, and will very rarely spawn close to the surface, but never directly on top(from what I've seen. If you have seen it, please comment below). Gold is used to make a gold crown, armor, and tools, as well as some decoration items. Gold crowns can be worn or used to spawn in the King Slime(see 'Bosses', for more info). Meteorite is only found when a meteorite strikes the ground. A message will occur, and will create a new biome. This biome spawns in Meteor Heads, and can be farmed for money. By placing a layer or more of Meteorite ore, you will create a meteor biome. !CAUTION! Meteorite Ore will burn you unless you have an Obsidian Skull(crafted with 20 Obsidian) or other assorted fire protection item. Meteor can be used to make armor, Plasmablades, and tools. Demonite is commonly dropped by Eye of Cthulhu and Eater of Worlds, but is very rare to be found naturally. Demonite is used to craft Lights Bane(a sword), Demon Bow, or War Axe of the Night. With combination of Shadow Scales(dropped by Eater of Worlds),  you can craft Shadow armor, Nightmare Pickaxe(which can break Hellstone, Ebonstone, and Obsidian), and the Breaker(a hammer). Hellstone is only found in the underworld, and can occur in large veins. To mine out Hellstone, you must have Nightmare Pickaxe or better, and you MUST be equipped with an Obsidian Skull and Obsidian Skin potions, because Hellstone spawns in a lava block for every Hellstone Ore block. In order to make Hellstone Ingots, you must have 4 Hellstone Ore and 1 Obsidian, and can be used to make a Pheonix Blaster(upgrade to the handgun), Flamarang(upgrade to Demonic Enchanted Boomerang), Armor, and tools. Obsidian is the least common, because it does not form naturally, and must be made by pouring water onto lava, and vise versa, although pouring lava onto water only yields 1 Obsidian per bucket. Obsidian is used to make potions, Hellstone ingots, and other assorted Vanity items.

That is all the ores that are naturally found within Terraria PE. Be sure to check out my next topic over world bosses!

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