F2P/B2P mmo list(REVAMPED)

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F2P/B2P mmo list(REVAMPED)

Post by Flamec4 on Sun Jun 29, 2014 2:35 am

EDIT: I've decided to update my list with some more details.
After looking over my original list my eyes froze in horror in the absence of detail I must've been tired when I made this originally.
OSRS: (Old school RuneScape)
Recently, a poll succeeded in bring permanent F2P to OSRS (REJOICE!!!!!) so this deserves a spot on the list.

Pros: Many different types of skills to throughly train, plenty of fun and detailed quests, entertaining minigames, good for anyone looking for taste of nostalgia as OSRS is 07scape before more controversial updates were released. The list goes on...

Cons: Limited to a small box RSbuddy fixes this though, graphics aren't good but graphics In my honest opinion DO NOT make games content does, not super engaging at times some of the skills basically let you sit there and hit stuff while others "AGILITY" require FULL attention, this could be a pro or con depending if you can multitask or not. I usually have other programs running while I RS.

Runescape 3: Current build of Runescape.
Pros: Revamped UI, Combat, Graphics, Different skills vs OSRS "Summoning, dungeoneering, and divination"
Cons: Combat might not be as favorable to you on here as it's COMPLETELY different, to combat this though just play on a legacy only world. Not as difficult as OSRS usually dubbed "EasyScape"

Buy to play: Pay once, you're done.
TESO: Tamerial unlimited:
Good news! Bethesda decided to drop subs on TESO and switch to b2p in March and bring the games to consoles XB1 and PS4 June 6th!
Pros: If you've ever played any Elder scrolls game you'd know there's plenty of stuff to do. Superior custom ability, you're able to make a healer out basically all the classes if you wanted.
Cons: I've heard unbalance issues between classes, I do not know if they've been fixed yet.

Pros: Buy to play, pay once you're done! Huge PvP game with diverse classes.
Cons: PvE Player versus Enviornment almost doesn't exist on this game endgame wise of course.

Minecraft: Maybe not technically an mmo but whatever
Pros: Unique, entirely based on YOUR imagination to build what you want. Play on servers to connect with others and play the mods currently on that server to further enhance your play experience.
Cons: Some servers can be very toxic. Some owners might only care about money and some may not care about money at all and care about their players. Just remember all servers are different and people their have different goals compared to others.

The trash can of mmos:

ArcheAge: Please for the love of everything don't play
Pros: So much potential, I died a little bit inside at how much of it was wasted... Sandbox mmo with non instanced plots/housing, customizable skill trees, combine 3 to make a class.
Cons: Basically a P2W game big wallet outside the game=Big wallet inside the game any legit player wouldn't want to play this.

Flyff: Another P2W grindfest
Pros: Flying I guess? Skill trees and jobs that branch off.
Cons P2W for bad xp compared to the already bad xp you get. Quests are almost non existent. P2W is the poison of mmos.

Please if you happen to look at this add some mmos you've played because I haven't played all the games out there.

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